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Episode 2- The Flame and the Flower Part 1

Join Em and Jamie on a comedic, dour, cringe-filled journey back to 1972, and then back again to 1799ish! Written by Kathleen Woodiwiss and published as the first mass paperback in 1972, this somewhat historical romance novel (where underwear doesn’t exist!) is the story of Heather and Brandon- two lovers that are forced together after an unfortunate misunderstanding. This book spans the seas, and tests Em’s modern sensibilities and patience. Full of swashbuckling, ab-rippling, and chest ogling, the first modern romance novel, “The Flame and the Flower” was a bit of a tough read for Em and probably worse for Jamie’s ears…

Jamie and Em decided to look into the one that laid the groundwork for modern love lit. This book is a tad dated so please remember to pack your patience with the naughty bits… They take a while to develop!

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Episode 1- Introduction to Romance Novels

Hey Everyone! Welcome to our podcast! We’re Em and Jamie and we host “Stupid Sexy Romance” a comedy podcast about romantic literature! But of course you probably know that already since you are on our website or where ever you get your podcasts.

You are probably wondering,

Q: How did Em convince Jamie to do this?

A: Pure female magic (also she hasn’t told him she’s a witch- go Hufflepuff. Yes, Hufflepuff. Don’t judge)

Q: I am a man, why should I listen?

A: Your gender, orientation, sex doesn’t matter! We love you all and hope you enjoy our summaries of some awesome romance novels. We don’t take life too seriously and we’re here to have fun (and slowly embarrass Jamie to death…muahahahahaha).

This is our first episode! We hope you enjoy how awkward we are at the start. 🙂