Episode 1- Introduction to Romance Novels

Hey Everyone! Welcome to our podcast! We’re Em and Jamie and we host “Stupid Sexy Romance” a comedy podcast about romantic literature! But of course you probably know that already since you are on our website or where ever you get your podcasts.

You are probably wondering,

Q: How did Em convince Jamie to do this?

A: Pure female magic (also she hasn’t told him she’s a witch- go Hufflepuff. Yes, Hufflepuff. Don’t judge)

Q: I am a man, why should I listen?

A: Your gender, orientation, sex doesn’t matter! We love you all and hope you enjoy our summaries of some awesome romance novels. We don’t take life too seriously and we’re here to have fun (and slowly embarrass Jamie to death…muahahahahaha).

This is our first episode! We hope you enjoy how awkward we are at the start. 🙂