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Episode 9 – Ain’t He Precious

Country mouse meets city mouse. And then they have sex and a long conversation about their relationship….

This novella by Juliette Poe takes place in Whynot, North Carolina (yes, it is a real place) and follows Trixie Mattel (erm, sorry Trixie MANCINKUS) and her city-loving ex-bf Ryland Powers in a lawyers-prove-they-have-souls-and-emotions kind of story!

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Episode 8 – Trickery Curse of the Gods Book 1

Follow Jamie and Em on a journey to Minatsol! Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington’s Trickery Curse of the Gods Book 1 is a stunner! It’s funny, sexy, and cool! Woven into a wonderful fantasy world, these stories are rich with sexual tension and young adult drama! If you ever wondered what the literary baby of Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging and Hunger Games is, THIS IS IT!

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Episode 7 – Taken for the Alien Prince

In this episode, we are examining “Taken for the Alien Prince” by Ruth Anne Scott! We are leaving Planet Earth and travelling to some star in Cassiopeia to follow Layla (an Earthling sex slave) and her owner, Jiri! This podcast episode is packed with alien jokes and lots and lots of mentions of tentacled aliens*!!

*no tentacled aliens appear in this novella.


Episode 6 – Tapping the Billionaire Part 2

Yes, fine… we left you hanging for a little while after that first steamy episode about Max Monroe’s “Tapping the Billionaire”, but you know what, we had to. It was just too much naughty info for one episode!!!!

love ya!

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Episode 5 – Tapping the Billionaire! Part 1

Finally on to a less depressing, more modern novel! This book by Max Monroe follows Georgia, a 20-something New Yorker and her super sexy billionaire boss. We really enjoyed this one so far, so check it out for yourselves (it’s a series, yay!):

The cover just says it all!

Episode 4 – Review and Tangents Galore!

Ok so maybe Jamie and I got a little excited to end “The Flame and the Flower” that we forgot to give it a Bodice Rip Rating. So, in this episode we maybe went on a tiny little tangent and decided to just talk about what constitutes a good romance novel in our eyes. Then, because we felt guilty, we added the next episode of a NEW book… enjoy!

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Episode 3- The Flame and the Flower Part 2

Finally! Like Prince Akeem, we have come to America! But, it’s not cool and dangerous 1980s New York, it’s Charleston in like, 1800. This episode follows Brandon Birmingham and his wife Heather in America. She tries to fit into her new life as mistress of a plantation, while he slowly realizes that his wife isn’t the manipulative she-devil he thought she was. It’s almost like a sitcom except it has rape, murder, slavery, and no underwear…..What will those silly Birminghams do?

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