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Episode 14 – Midnight Marriage

Image resultThis week in the world of romance, Em explains to Jamie the joys of doing the horizontal mambo Georgian style. This story by Lucinda Brant is book 2 of the Roxton Family series (how there are more than one, Em will never know). It follows Deb Cavendish, a high-class lady who’s interested in finding real love. When she falls for a duelist she finds in the forest, little does she know that the duelist is actually her husband? WTF. Yeah…. it’s weird.

Filled with sexy descriptions of men in high heels, makeup, and powdered hair, this book should satiate the person looking for a sexy clown romance story.

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Episode 12 – Barefoot at Sunset

Join us for a journey to Gulf coast Florida where silver fox Mark has returned to his home town for a high school reunion for the first time after his wife Julia died…. At a fancy-schmancy hotel, Mark meets Emma, a recently dumped 38-year-old New Yorker. I wonder what will happen??

Author: Roxanne St. Claire

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Episode 10 – The Red: An Erotic Fantasy Part 1

Deviant, licentious, and very very naughty, this stand-alone book by Tiffany Reisz centers around a desperate woman named Mona St. James and a very mysterious man….

This book IS the dirtiest thing we’ve talked about to date and has therefore won our PLATINUM BODICE RIP! This completely made up certification means that you, the reader, can be guaranteed of a naughty literary romance.