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Episode 18 – Colors of Lust AKA learning the difference between sex drugs

 By far, my absolute favorite sex story cover of all time. Was I drawn to it because it looked horrible? Yes. Did the contents of this book make me snort with laughter? Yes.

This book is 35ish pages of unadulterated (ha- get it…) fun.


Episode 17 – Sheltered (or how a gritty Grease would play out if Sandy decided not to change)

We’re back with a new episode of SSR! This week, I (Em), have a cold and we talked about Charlotte Stein’s Sheltered. Check out our episode if you like 1) terrible singing, 2) fruit analogies, 3) showtunes. Join us if you also like existential questions about what you call a man’s juicy butt and dreaming vs. daydreaming vs. nightdreaming? Okay, maybe too many meds… bed now. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Let us know what y’all think!

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Episode 16 – Protecting our Virgin (featuring some horrible accents)

 This week, Jamie and I tackle “Protecting our Virgin” by Charlie Hart.

Summary: Chloe is left stranded in Jamaica after her boyfriend of four weeks kicks her out of their hotel room for refusing to give up her virginity to him. He also grabs her passport from her purse and starts to shred it. Alone with no identification, she’s found and protected by four sexy thrill-seekers.

This story is filled to the brim (much like Chloe herself) with unbelievably realistic scenarios about what a virgin would do in the presence of four guys (sarcasm). It’s also filled with my terrible Italian accent, and too many references to spicy meatballs, and cannolis.

Episode 15 – Uhm…. A SUPER Sexy Doctor Romance

We will wait for you to figure out what ridiculous things the lovely Max Monroe has written about now. Yes, it’s a series, and yes it is in the same universe as “Tapping the Billionaire” but it now features hunky doctors! Woot woot!

And yes, my Valley Girl voice IS annoying and I will never do it again!