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Episode 27 – Under HIS protection by Several Authors?

36411822What happens when several authors decide to write one short story? Hilarity, that’s what. Join Em and Jamie this week as they talk about Under His Protection, a story juicy, if it were chicken, it would get returned to the kitchen for fear of being undercooked!


Episode 26 – Christmas Nights AKA Our super late Christmas episode (but it’s really not about Christmas at all)

Christmas Nights (Diamond Creek, Alaska Novels Book 6) by [Croix, J.H.]This week, we release our SUPER late Christmas episode, except that the book really has nothing do with Christmas and everything to do with water safety. Hear Jamie rant about life jackets and all things naughty-cal hahah jk. ok, I’ll let myself out….

Episode 25 – Hidden Hollywood (but it doesn’t actually take place in Hollywood)

31446840Okay! We are back with Hidden Hollywood by Kylie Gilmore! Follow the adventures of Claire Jordan, a super hot and sexy movie star, and Jake, a tech hottie. They’re both looking for love and bla bla bla…. you get the picture….

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