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Episode 34 – The Vampire King Part 2

Image result for sesame street countThe conclusion to the greatest story ever told…Listen to Em and Jamie devolve into madness with The Vampire King Part 2! Bloody good show. hah, get it?

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Episode 32 – The Vampire King Part 1

Vampire King (Adult Fairy Tale, Cinderella #1) (Adult Fairy Tale )What happens what you forcibly mash fairy tales AND mythical creatures with an unbelievably vapid cast of characters? Genius, that’s what.

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Episode 30 – The Centaur’s Bride

Image result for the centaurs brideHaving fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a super hot centaur guard…. Renee is a country girl at heart coming back to sell her grandfather’s Montana ranch. Little does she know that the horses and people on the ranch hold interesting secrets…..

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Episode 28 – Unzipped by Angel Allen (Swallow Me Whole book 1) AKA Conversations about Gunther the Swedish popstar

Unzipped (Swallow Me Whole Book 1)This week Jamie and Em tackle, wrangle and writhe along with Unzipped by Angel Allen. This introductory book left us wanting more more more after Sadie, a hot virgin gives her best friend’s twin BROTHER a BJ at a club.

For those of you wondering about who Gunther is, check out this page:

Fav hits: No Pantalones, I’m not Justin Bieber bitch, ding dong song

You’ll come for the spectacle and stay for the….spectacle.